2016 Bill Bates Tailgate Parties - NOW ON SALE

Tickets are on sale for the Bill Bates Tailgate Party before the 2 remaining regular season PRIME TIME games against Tampa Bay and Detroit. Night games tend to sell out early, so be sure to BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE TODAY before they sell out!

Welcome to the Cotton Bowl, Wisconsin Badgers and Western Michigan Broncos!

The Cotton Bowl lineup is now all set as the Wisconsin Badgers and Western Michigan Broncos will have at it on Monday, January 2nd. Game time is noon and the official AT&T lots open at 7AM. Note that tailgating is restricted to the parking spots that back up to grass along the perimeter of the lot (about 10% of the parking spots), so there is no tailgating on the concrete drive aisles in the official lots. Private lots in the businesses surrounding the stadium set their own rules, and many of them observe more "traditional" tailgate customs. These lots do sell out early, so be sure to RESERVE PARKING ONLINE IN ADVANCE to avoid any game-day surprises and frustrations.


There will be an all-inclusive Cotton Bowl Tailgate taking place from 9am-noon before the game, directly across the street from AT&T Stadium. A Breakfast Buffet, beer, mimosas, wine, and soft drinks are all included in the huge party tent, and there will also be a DJ, restrooms, and security on-site. This event sold out last year (over 1000 guests from both schools), so be sure you and all your friends buy early at this link: COTTON BOWL TAILGATE


As a result of the Cowboys success, lots have been selling out in advance around the stadium this season. We always recommended that you BUY PARKING ONLINE IN ADVANCE and avoid the game-day parking frustrations such as sold-out lots or high-priced lots that accept cash only. The private lots available through this site often have a great tailgating scene with fewer restrictions on tailgating (and may open even earlier). Be sure to check the regulations for the private lot that you book, as rules vary by location.

Bill Bates Tailgate Party

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